Neglecting Us Both

Title:Neglecting us both
Pairing: TeukChul
Rating: PG-13~ language
Genre: Angst, drama, humor, fluff??.....I really don't know.

Waah, Decided to upload this, it's not quite like it was supposed to be... the original version was angsty + smutty but somehow this turned into.. well this :'D

--------------------------Neglecting us both-------------------
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Title: Splinter
Characters: Main Kangin/Hangeng. + Henry, Siwon
Pairing: Hinted SiHan
Rating: PG-13, language
Genre: Humor
Disclaimer: I own the story, not the people.

Summary: Hangeng and Kangin are at the dance studio, when Kangin manages to fall over.
Hnery understands the situation wrong.

A/N: Prompt: Kangin - Hangeng ~ Splinter.
This was..well.. it didn't go like I first meant it to, but..
Here it is still, hope you enjoy^^

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Here Comes The Rain Again

Title: Here Comes the Rain Again
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst, Warning;character death
Disclaimer: Humans can't be owned (Or shouldn't be, can someone tell it to Lee Soo Man-sshi?)
Pairing: Not specified

Summary: Ever since the beginning you brought red roses to apologize, even if the fight hadn't been a major one.

A/N: I was listening to Here Comes the Rain Again by Hypnogaja and this just popped up.
It could actually be linked to a series that I'm writing, but for now it's just a separate piece.
This doesn't have a specific pairing, but when I was writing this Siwon and Hangeng kept appearing in my head so.. But if you find someone else more suitable then feel free to picture whoever you want :)
Hope you enjoy.
~Song lyrics~

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It'll never change until we change ourselves

Ah, today was a good day, really :)
My ''old'' cat and new are getting along well and I met some friends today, school continued and seems like our class will be ok. (better be,since I'm gonna be spending 3 years with them...)

Today's music has been 90% filled with Poets of the Fall, I love their new album (as well as the previous ones)
I've also fallen for Suju's A Short Journey from the 4jib re-package,and it shows in my :D although the number is nowhere near reality :'D

I love fall and the atmosphere it brings, it's just a shame that I get a lot of ideas for art-works,
short-stories, fics', lyrics and such but there's just too many to complete them all and when I get the time, the groove has left.
Right now I have two big paintings in the mid-way, one metal/painting work almost done and today I began doing a poetry photobook.. not to mention the works that are still in the progress.. *sigh*
Could the time stop, even for few hours so I could complete atleast one work? Please, whatever higher power there might be. .

Ok, I has something else to write too, but Genji seem's to be sleepy and since it's such a cuddly-cat it just has to sleep on my shoulders, thus making the writing quite impossible, so.

Good night~
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Deathly Afraid of Butterflies

Prompt : Kangin - Zhoumi - Deathly Afraid of Butterflies.
Pairing: friendship Kangin-Zhoumi, hint of KangTeuk
Rating:PG-15, for themes that involve death.
Genre: Hurt, family/friendship,comedy.

A/N First Suju fic I'm posting, I have a quite a few done, but they're mostly chaptered and I like to have a few chapters ready before posting..(now I'm just babbling.)
This fic was created when the oh-so-wonderful Iprompt threw it to my face around 1AM..and the result is..well..this.. hope you'll enjoy.

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