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Grease ~ SJ-Style :Chapter one, Summer Nights

Pairing: Various, SiHan in this chapter.
Rating: PG-13

He was running at the beach, laughing as the salty water splashed against him.
Strong arms prevented him from falling, holding him close to the muscular body.

His lips were soft and inviting when they kissed and he couldn't help the blush that rose to his cheeks every time.

He was taking a photograph of him.
He looked so proud standing in front of the sandcastle you built.
The photograph was left untaken when he stumbled upon the said castle, crushing half of it and then dashing after him,who couldn't help but laugh.

He sighed in his embrace, saddened by the thought of leaving.
"I'm going back with my family.." He whispered, tears brimming behind his eye-lids as his intense gaze never left.
"We might never see again.."

"Don't talk that way, Geng" He whisked his head and tried to smile a bit

"But it's true. This has been the best summer of my life and now I have to go away.
It isn't fair." Hangeng lowered his gaze, willing the tears to stay away.

Finger wound it's way under his chin and he met his eyes for a brief moment.
The kiss started sweetly and Hangeng couldn't prevent his eyes from closing.

But then he felt his hand sneak to the nape of his neck, pulling him so their lips were crushed together.

"Siwon, don't spoil it." Geng breathed out, head turned to the side as he clutched Siwon's shoulders

"I'm not spoiling it." He pulled back and Hangeng had a hard time preventing to melt under that gaze
"It's only making it better."

" this the end?" He asked with saddness as his eyes darted across Siwon's facial features, taking in every little thing and burning it into your memory.

"Of course not." He laughed a bit. "It's only the beginning."

Hangeng hugged Siwon tightly, afraid that he'd lose the warmth that was spreading trough his body.
Siwon lifted his head up gently and Hangeng felt himself drowning into those eyes again,
his lips coming closer....


Hangeng slammed the alarm clock shut, annoyed from being waken up from his precious dream.
Ever since that day you had dreamed of Siwon and the days they spent at the beach.
Sighing, he threw the covers off his body before making his way to the kitchen, ready to start a new day.


In another household, A young man woke up to the tunes of a radio-alarm,
the host cheering for students to get up and go pass their classes.
Yes, it was the first day of school and to say that Siwon wasn't happy was an understatement.
Groaning he made his way to the bathroom and cursed at the sight that met him in the mirror.
How he wished school to be over already.


Some people were excited over the new semester, Donghae had been bouncing off the walls
ever since last night.
He was missing hanging out with his gang. Sure they met during summer break too, but he missed school days,especially Kangin and Kyuhun.
They always got into troubles, more than Siwon or Eunhyuk, but that was only natural.

He grabbed the bag Kangin threw him, grinning smugly at Kyuhun who was trying to get it back.

Kyuhun then pushed him from the chest and he went falling into the bushed, but still managed to throw the bag back at Kangin.

"You don't eat this, you bury it." Kangin commented to Kyuhun whom snatched the paper bag to himself.

"That's a homemade lunch." He snapped back at the older man.

"Your mom get's up in the morning to make lunch for you?" Donghae grinned and punched him to the shoulder

"She does it on first day of school." Kyuhun defended and fell into step with his friends

"Big deal." Kangin mocked.

They all stopped in their tracks, having spotted a familiar red-head at the same time.

"Hyuk!" They all yelled and sprinted forward.

The said man turned around and smiled seeing his friends running towards him.

"Hey, where you at?"

"We're right here!" They exclaimed as they jumped up to Eunhyuk.

"Where were you all summer?" Donghae asked the taller, leather clad man.

"Are you my mother?"

"Just askin'"

"I was working, which is more than any of you kids can say." Eunhyuk smirked down at the three

"Working?" Kyuhun asked surprised

"Yeah, lugging boxes."

"Nice job." Kyuhun sniggered at Kangin and received a punch to his chest

"Eat me. I'm saving up to get me some wheels." Eunhyuk said calmly, crossing his hands over his chest

"Really? Wanna hear what I did?" Donghae blurted excitedly


"Hey there's Siwon!" Kangin interrupted them when he spotted a familiar leather jacket.
"Siwon!" He hollered and waved his hands as the others turned around too to see the said man, adding their own voices to the shouting

Siwon turned around upon hearing his name and couldn't help the grin from spreading to his face as he saw his gang coming closer.
He threw away his cigarette and made his way over to them.
Playfully punching Kyuhun to the gut and shaking Eunhyuks hand.

"So, seen any new one's in there?" Eunhyuk asked and waved his hand to the general direction of shool

"Nah, same old faces, everybody's made them." They all sniggered at that.

"So, what did you do all summer?" Kangin asked Siwon, eager to know what their leader had been up to.

"I- I was just hanging around at the beach. You know." He laughed and waggled his eyebrows to boost up his sentence.

"It must be tough having all those people hanging around you." Kyuhun smirked at the older man.

"Yeah, the only thing that hangs around you Kyu are the flies." Donghae said,
receiving a glare from the young man.

"So,how was the action at the beach man?" Eunhyuk asked Siwon, ignoring the biggering trio.

"Whoo, it was flippin'"

"Yeah, crazy?"

"I did meet this one dude, he was sorta cool." Siwon tried to act cool, he couldn't let his friends know that he had spent his whole summer with one guy

"You mean he was submittive?"

"Kyuhun! Is that all you ever think about?" Siwon asked the smirking man. He could swear that the youngest one was getting perverted by day.

"Freakin' A" Kyuhun said as he put his sunglasses on, clapping his hands together.

The bell rang and they all turned to head inside, laughing at Kyuhun's sentence and leaving the man to catch up at them.


"Do I look OK,Teukie?" Hangeng asked nervously and tugged at his shirt, certain that he stood out from the crowd.

"Sure, you look good." Leeteuk smiled at him softly after checking him from head to toe.

"I'm really nervous you know.." Hangeng confessed a he let out a small breath he hadn't realized he had been holding in.

"You look terrific!" Leeteuk assured him and tapped his shoulder.

"so, this is where I'll be spending this year,huh?" Hangeng stated more to himself as he looked at the school building before them.

"Yep," Leeteuk answered with a dimpled smile. "You'll love it."

"I loved the last school I was at.I wish I was there right now." Hangeng let his gaze fall to the ground for a moment as his memories tracked back to last year, to his old school and his old class-mates and friends.
"Still..I'm no stranger to heartbreak." He sighed softly and looked up at the huge building again, feeling thrilled over the new enviroment and at the same time sad for not being at his familiar school.

"Why?You got psoriasis?" Leeteuk asked him with a serious tone, before giggling at his puzzled face

"Ok...I might be in for some trouble.." He thought to himself as they continued their way inside.


Around the same time a pink car that barely had the engine running pulled into the parking lot

"Well, here we are again." Heechul sighed as he pulled his sunglasses off.

"But this time we're seniors." Zhoumi said cockily as he stepped next to Heechul, holding onto his black leather back

"And we're gonna rule the school." Heechul continued with an evil smirk before resulting to a laugh that was joined by Leeteuk.

"Leeteuk!" Zhoumi hissed and reached over to hit Leeteuk with his bag
"That's so adolescent."

"We are adolescent." Sungmin giggled before taking another bit of his cookie.

"We don't have to flaunt it." Heechul put his sunglasses back on, swinging his pink jacket over his shoulders.
"Ok,guys, let's go get 'em."


"Joon,do you have the new schedules?"

"Yes,Mr Yang,I just had my hands on them." Joon answered while straightening himself up from his crouching position.

"Good, they'll be nice and smudged." Seungho stated, making a meaningful glance towards dsolnvs hands that were covered in something sticky.

"Oh,Here we are. If it had been a snake, it would've bitten me." Joon exclaimed, holding the papers up in victory.

Seungho took the papers and stared at them, before glaring at the younger
"Joon, these are the schedules we couldn't find last semester.
Next year, you might find the ones for this semester." He snarled and slammed the papers to Joon's chest before walking away with angry strides.

"I've got Eunhyuk again." A male teacher sighed as he punched his card in

"He's been here longer than I have." GO said, punching his card in too.

"First day of school and already my castor oil is missing." The school nurse complained while punching her card in too, storming out to the hallway.

"How many days till christmas vacation?" GO asked smiling hopefully

"86" Hangeng said,stepping up to the table slkdnofcad was leaning against


"And counting." Hangengm said, laughing a bit.

GO groaned loudly before twirling around, heading out of the teachers lounge too.

"Can I help you,dear?" Seungho asked as he stopped next to Hangeng.

"Yes,it's my first day at school and I'm not quite sure where I'm supposed to be."

"Oh,well, welcome to SM. You'll have to fill out a few of these forms..."
Seungho began, placing papers before Hangeng on the table
"Excuse me a minute.I'll be right back." He said when noticing students quarreling in the hallway.

"Excuse me, do you have a pencil please?" Hangeng asked the passing Joon, after not having found one on the table.

"Oh, yes dear. There you are." Joon said, fishing a pen from behind his ear and handing it to Hangeng, who stared at it mildly surprised.

The bell rang and students quickly filed into classes,
everyone except Siwon and the gang.

"Jeez. Every teacher I got this year has flunked me at least once."
Kyuhun complained as he looked at the paper in his hands.

"You'll be spending your time in Mr.Yang's office." Kangin retorted while combing his hair

"Yeah. This year he's gonna wish he'd never seen me." Kyuhyun smirked, folding the paper to his pocket.

"Yeah? What are you gonna do?"

"I just ain't gonna take his crap.That's right this year I ain't gonna take crap from nobody."
Kyuhun rambled as he walked forward, failing to notice that the others had been stopped by Kangin.


"Hello,sir." Kyuhyun stuttered slightly when he turned around and came face to face with Mr.Yang

"Shouldn't you be in home room by now?" Seungho asked him, face full of authority

"I was going for a walk." Kyuhun explained, waving his hand towards the hallway behind him.

"You were just dawdling, weren't you." Seungho smiled at him


"That is no way to start a new semester, Mr.Cho." He bid out before turning around to head back to his office.

Kyuhyun turned his head away, mumbling in chinese.

"Perhaps a session of banging erasers after school would put you on the right track." Seungho suggested angrily as he stepped back in front of the young man.

"Yes,sir." Kyuhyun gave him a constrained smile

"Do you plan to stand there all day?"

"No,sir. I mean, yes,sir. I mean.."

"Now which is it, yes or no?" Seungho interrupted the stuttering teen.


"Good,then move!" Seungho yelled at him before turning around and walking away

"Yes,sir." Kyuhyun answered and stared menacingly at the retreating back of their principal.

"I'm so glad you didn't take any of his crap,Kyuhyun." Siwon smirked as he stood before Kyuhyun
"You would have told him off,huh?" He chuckled as Kyuhyun bit his fist in response.

"Mr Cho, yes sir,no sir.." Kangin teased as they all turned to the stairs.

"Hey Taemin!" Kyuhyun hollered as he slapped Siwon to the shoulder, making the others aware of the said boys presence

"How you doin'!" Taemin smiled and waved happily at the gang.

"Shake buddy!" Kangin extended his hand towards Taemin, hiding the buzzer.

Taemin grabbed his hand and quickly released it, groaning a bit at the feeling.

"Hey, what's wrong, you're wearing glasses?" He asked while lifting the pair of glasses that sat on Taemin's nose while Donghae pulled his bow tie off.

"I got astigmatism."

"Oh too bad." The trio said in same time.

"Hey guys, knock it off." Eunhyuk hollered, him and Siwon having continued up the stairs already.

Seungho stared amazed at Joon who was pulling the tape out of the tape-writer.
Sometimes he wondered why he hadn't hired the man yet, but opted to not to ponder on it this time either, instead pointing for Joon to come and play the four notes before he starts speaking.

"Good morning boys and girls and welcome to what surely will be our greatest year here at SM high."

The students paid mild interest in their principals speech. Heechul was shuffling a deck of cards while Leeteuk was on his second pack of cookies that day.

Hangeng or the other hand just reached his home-room, stumbling trough the door with all eyes on him.
He smiled awkwardly at the teacher before stepping forward to the class.

"If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter." Seungho said, faking the cheerness to his voice, wondering even to himself what on earth he was babbling about.

"And now for the really good news and probably one of the most exciting things to happen here at SM high." Seungho continued.
"The national dance battle television show has selected SM to be a representative high school this year and will do a live broadcast from you very own gym."

"It's our chance to show your entire nation what fine,bright,clean-cut,wholesome students we have here at SM...." His voide faded away as he started to re-think his words.

The whole school erupted in cheers, all except Ryeowook who had just found the lizard Eunhyuk had slipped into his bag earlier, making him scream and jump up from his chair,
Siwon, Eunhyuk and Donghae laughing at him as he ran past them.

------lunc time--------

Leeteuk was already sat at a table, half-laying over his food when he heard Heechul and Zhoumi approach, their singing echoed trough the yard.

He joined them on the final note when the two reached the table.

Heechul and Zhoumi sat down in a fit of giggles, both placing their trays down.

"Hey, did you guys get a look at Siwon this morning, lookin pretty good this year, huh Chul~"
Sungmin hinted and waggled his shades.

"That's ancient history." Heechul snarled and turned to his food

"History sometimes repeats itself." Zhoumi stated, receiving a mock-babble from Heechul, resulting in the two giggling again.

"Hi Leeteuk" Zhoumi greeted when he noticed his friend approaching their table

Sungmin turned to greet him too, only to notice another person in his company

"Go sit down." Leeteuk instructed Hangeng before turning to the other three
"This here is Hangeng, and that's Sungmin and Zhoumi and this is Heechul." He sais to hangeng, nodding towards the each of them.
"He just moved here from China." Leeteuk said to them all.

"How are things around there?" Heechul asked, smirking at the new face

"Fine,thanks." Hangeng answered as he settled to sit next to Sungmin

Heechul smirked and Hangeng looked around the table with a not so pleased look.

"Hey Zhoumi, are those new glasses?" Leeteuk,who was quick to get a hang of the athmosphere asked the man sitting infront of him.

"Yeah, just for school. Do they make me look smarter?" Zhoumi asked, posing for Leeteuk in his new diamond rimmed glasses.

"Nah,you can still see your face." Heechul remarked as he stretched his back.

"How d'you like school so far, Hangeng?" Sungmin asked the man sitting next to him.

"It's different." Hangeng answered with a small smile.

"Hi kids!"

Everyone except Hangeng groaned at the voice.

"Kim Ryeowook, the bad seed of SM High." Heechul said quietly, before greeting Ryeowook who now stood beside him.

"I love the first day of school!" Ryeowook exclaimed happily while clutching his folder.

"The biggest thrill of my life." Heechul mocked at him, which went unnoticed by the hyper boy.

"You won't guess what has happened." Ryeowook babbled on

"probably not."

"The nominees for student counceling are out and guess who's up for vice president?"


"Me! Isn't that the most!" Ryeowook giggled happily.
"To say the least."

"The very least." Heechul agreed, tearing pieces off his bread.

"I hope I don't make a poor showing."

"We wish you the best of luck, don't we,girls?" Heechul said and Zhoumi stood up to shake Ryeowooks hand, only to have a small flyer sticked to it.

"You must think I'm a terrible clod for not intoducing myself." Ryeowook immediatly stepped over to Hangeng after spotting the man.
"Hi,I'm Kim Ryeowook. Welcome to SM~!" He squealed while sitting down, feeling something cool against his leg.
He smiled not so pleasantly as he picked up the apple Leeteuk had put there a second before he sat down.

Sungmin reached over Ryeowooks shoulder, taking the apple back with a smirk.

"Will you be at cheerleader tryouts? It's so much fun, we'll be lifelong friends." He was babbling once again at the smiling Hangeng, taking out his folder for the other to see.

"Hey guys, how do you like Hangeng?" Leeteuk whispered as he leaned closer to the others
"Do you think we can let him in the Pink Tigers?"

"She looks to pure to be pink." Heechul muttered while observing the china-man.

"Double do-do!" Zhoumi suddenly shouted, staring intently at his food

"What's up doc?" Sungmin asked the man who was almost on the verge of tears.

"One of my diamonds just fell into the macaroni!" Zhoumi said sadly, staring down at the pile for even a glimpse of a shining jewel.


Siwon and the others were spending the lunch break on the bleachers, enjoying the sun

"Hey Eunhyuk, want a piece of salami?"

"Are you kidding, If I eat that, I'll smell like you."

"What a stink!" Donghae laughed from the side, earning himself a glare.

"Guys, guys look!" Siwon said and pointed towards the field where their schools top athlete was running laps.

"Ladies and gentlemen, dingleberries on parade!" Eunhyuk yelled as they all turned to look at the man running with the helmet in his hand.

The yell had him looking around, only to drop the said helmet and step right into it, barely keeping from losing his balance.

"Hey look! You really put your foot into it this time!" Kangin laughed at the man's antics.

"Try hopscotch, you hot dog!" Donghae yelled in too, all of them laughin when Taemin was suddenly running after the man, trying to release the helmet from his foot.

"What a gavone! Gumdrops,man!" Kyuhyun laughed at Kangin before walking up to sit next to Siwon.

"Any of you guys see that new guy at registration?" Eunhyuk asked once they were all settled down
"Sure beats the stub-legs around here."

"Mean her legs are longer than Zhoumi's?" Kyuhyun asked, bewildered with the thought.

"Nobody's legs are longer than Zhoumi's." Eunhyuk stated matter-off-factly, receiving an approving laugh from all of them.

Kangin turned around, only to see Donghae laying flat underneath a bench, peering under the the girls skirt who was sitting there.

"Hey guys." He said quietly before turning beck towards Donghae, hollering loudly towards the man.

The two girls turned to look at him then followed the gaze down, coming face to face with a smirking Donghae.
The two scambled up quickly, throwing disapprocing glances at the man.

"Hi, girls!" He giggled happily at them as Kangin crouched near him.

"You're a sick man, Hae." Kangin shaked his head and shot the younger man with his water gun, quickly showing an apple into Donghaes mouth as the other was sitting up, cutting off the yell that was rising from his throat.
This resulted laughs from the others, and Kangin quickly hopped back up,
turning to look at Siwon

"I wanna hear what Siwon did at the beach."

"Oh, it was nothing." Siwon said quietly, avoiding eye-contact with the boys.

"Sure,nothing,Siwon.Right?" Eunhyuk mocked and leaned closer to his friend.

"You got in his drawers,right?" Donghae asked excited.

"Come on, tell us." Kangin encouraged him

--------------back with the 'girls'-----------

"What did you do this summer,Geng?" Leeteuk asked the man kindly.

"I spent most of it at the beach. I met a boy there." Hangeng beamed happily at him.

"You hauled your cookies to the beach for some guy?" Heechul asked mildly interested as he examined his finger-nails.

"He was sorta special." Hangeng defended quickly

"There ain't no such thing." Heechul smirked, shaking his head at the other's naivety

Hangeng looked down for a while, before turning to look at Ryeowook.
"It was really romantic.." He began, earning a grimace from Sungmin.


Meanwhile, Siwon was still getting pestered by his friends into telling what he did with the mystery man at the beach.

"Everything about it!" Kangin demanded

"Come on, you don't want to hear the horny details." Siwon smirked at them, quickly standing up when Kangin reached for his collar.

"Alright, I'll tell you!" He lifted his hands up in defeat, smiling at the men infront of him.

Ok, This fic, I don't even know why I began this x'D
It will have surprise guests from other bands, as you can see ;D
Hopefully you enjoyed reading it so far ^^
Tags: fanfic, pairing: sihan
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