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Pairing: YeMin
Rating: PG-15, sex-related
Genre: angst,smut,drama


Yesung stared at the flash of pink that stomped from the front-door to kitchen and then disappeared into the hallway, loud slam of the door echoed trough the apartment followed by a dead silence.

He glanced at the clock and followed the seconds '4,3,2,1..'

The yell that rang trough the aparment made him cringe and inwardly apologize to their neighbors, he really was amazed that they didn't get more complains per month.
Sighing, the singer abandoned the book he was reading, knowing that he could either wait there and let the other trash every loose item in the room or go in and see what bad the world had done now.

The first option seemed much more tempting, until he saw Sungming stomp his way to his room.
At this, Yesung stood up alerted.
The last time Sungmin had went to his room in the mental state had resulted into a broken terrario as well as a run away turtle family creeping over their dorm floor.

"Minnie~" He said carefully from the door frame, taking in the sight of Sungming's back, shoulders visibly shaking

"Sungmin, what's wrong?" He asked and crossed the few steps separating them,
gently shaking the younger man's shoulder.

"What's wrong!" Sungming yelled and turned around, angrily pushing Yesung away from him.
"Everything, the drama, recording, coreography..I even messed up at Sukira!"

"Minnie..calm down." Yesung said calmly and took a step closer, reaching his hand up to touch Sungmin's cheek, carefully caressing the skin

"Don't. Minnie. Me." Sungmin growled out and took a hold of Yesung's wrist, holding it in a painfully tight grip

"Minnie...Sungmin.. Calm down, let's talk about this calmly."

"Calmly!" Sungmin yelled and twisted Yesung wrist more, following suit as the other backed up, trying to get some distance between himself and the usual bundle of smiles that was trained in martial-arts and always managed to fool him into forgetting it.

"I don't have any reason to be calm right now, and I certainly don't need any advices."

"Sungmin, listen to me will you, I'm sure if you talk with manager or Teukie..."

"I don't want to! Shut up! Just fucking shut up and leave me alone!" Sungmin yelled and before either of them had time to react, his fist collided with Yesung's jaw, making the older man cry out in surprise.

This seemed to wake Sungmin up from his rage-mode as he finally released the hold he had on Yesung's wrist. Lifting his own shaky hand to cover Yesung's over the spot he had violated seconds ago.

"Oh my..Yesung... I'm so sorry..I"

"It's ok. I know you need to let those feelings out sometimes."

"It doesn't give me the right to hit you" Sungming said quietly and ran his finger's over Yesung's, gently taking a hold of Yesung's wrist and pulling the older man's hand down.

"Don't worry about it.. You shouldn't bottle things up all the time."

"I's just... Oh Sungie~ I'm so sorry..Why do you always let me do this?!"
He whined in frustration as tears began forming at the corners of his eyes.

"'Cos I know you. And I want to see the you whom you hide from everyone else."
Yesung whispered and ran his thumb under Sungmin's eye, wiping away the moistness that slowly overflowed from his eyes.

They stared at each other intently, neither speaking anything.
Sungmin was the first one to break the eye-contact by leaning forward, gently pressing his lips over the darkening spot on Yesung's jaw.

Yesung couldn't help but shiver as Sungmin's lips worked their way along his jawline.
Suddenly he realized that his back was against the wall, body pressed in between it and Sungmin.
His own hands had found their way under Sungmin's shirt and he relished on the feeling of soft skin, letting a small moan escape his throat when Sungmin sucked on his sweet spot.

Hands roamed over bare skin as Yesung laid the now shirtless Sungmin down on the bed,
postions now reversed.
He dipped his head down to Sungmin's chest, enjoying the feeling of quickened breaths the further he got with his ministrations.

Sungmin was writhing under him, hips bucking against Yesung's hand that he had teasingly laid on top of the bulge in the younger one's pants.

Yesung never complained about Sungmin's habit. He knew how much the other tried to hold in and hide, but occasionally the bottle would get full and spill over.
The first time it had happened they had been drunk and overseas.
Sharing secrets in the dark hotel room, until Sungmin had suddenly went on a rampage, that had lead to a beaten Yesung.

The next time the beating had lead to an apology-kiss and on later times a lot more than just mere kisses and caresses.

He never complained, they both regocnized the pattern by now, but they never broke it, never took the step outside the box they had created.

Sungmin shook violently underneath him, delicious moan accompanying the high he had reached.
Yesung felt himself close too and a moment later he laid down next to Sungmin, meeting the younger man in a slow, sweet kiss.

Sungmin kissed his jaw once more before snuggling closer as Yesung pulled the cover over them, wrapping them both in warmth.

Yesung watched Sungmin's face as the other fell asleep, feeling the small smile tug at the corner of his mouth.

This was what he was used to, the pattern that kept them both somewhat sane.
He knew he was the only one that could see this mood of Sungmin's, he was the only one who knew how to deal with the cute-man when he was on one of his rampages.
And oddly enough, as time had passed,he realized he didn't need anything more,
this was their secret, their little escape from the world and he intented to cherish it as it was.
Tags: fanfic, sungmin, super junior, yemin, yesung
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