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Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kyuhun has been overworking lately, and it leads to a serious situation

Kyuhun was tired.
He had been running a fever for few days already, but with their promotional activities and fully-packed schedule, he didn't have time to rest.

He leaned against the wall when another wave of nausea hit him, twisting his insides as the voices seemed to tenfold in volume.

Leaning his head against the cool wall he took in deep breaths, knowing that his vision would return in a moment.
Sighing, he took out his vibrating phone.
Ryeowook had sent him a message, he was already running late for their practice.

Not bothering to answer, he pushed himself up from the resting position and started walking as fast as possible, ignoring the still lingering dizziness and weak knees.
K.R.Y was having a performance in three days so he and Ryeowook had agreed on practicing for their duo -thus the reason why he was making his way to the studio at 11pm.

"There you are!" Ryeowook greeted when he entered the room.
"I thought you had forgotten."

"I was just running late on my schedule, sorry." Kyuhun answered shortly and plopped his back on the couch before draping his jacket over it, the cool air making his weak body shiver.

"No problem, I was doing some composing while waiting." Ryeowook said smiling and
gathered the papers that were scattered all over the table, tucking them neatly into the folder.
"Let's get to work then."

The next half-hour went by smoothly, Ryeowook going over the notes and they worked on harmonizising their voices.
Kyuhun had to struggle a little to keep up with the piano tempo, three beats behind every time they hit the chorus.

"Let's have a small break, ok?" Kyuhun winced at how hoarse his voice had become during the singing.
"I have to get some water..." He mumbled and made his way to the hallway, barely waiting for Ryeowook to nod.
The other had been giving him worried glances and asked a few times if they should continue on the next day, but Kyuhun just brushed the suggestions aside, not wanting to admit how weak he felt.

He reached the water-automat and immediately downed three cups of water.
The liquid made his stomach lurch in protest at the sudden invasion, he hadn't had much to eat during the day, even the sight of food made him feel sick.

The sudden waver in his knees made him give in and sit down for a while.

The sofa was soft and warm. He curled his arms around his knees and closed his eyes,
trying to win over the still raging nausea in his stomach.

Soft, even ticking reached his ears and he realized it was the clock.
The rhythm was calm and comforting and he allowed himself to drown in it for a while,
soon the ticking melted in with the faint piano notes that lingered in the air.
"Wookie is practicing hard..." He let his feet slip down from the seat and his hands drop limply at his sides before assisting to push him up
"I must get going too, I can't let the fans and hyungs down..." He mumbled before dragging his feet towards the training room.

He was panting when he was half-way down the corridor, all of his muscles screamed in pain and he was drenched in cold sweat.
'I must ask Ryeowook to practice with me tomorrow.. I'm sure this will be over with a night's rest' Kyuhun assured himself as he blinked furiously to return his blurred vision.

He registered a crashing sound, then felt his knees give in and meet painfully with the cold,hard floor.
The world wasn't throwing cartwheels, it was messed up like a hurricane.
He closed his eyes tightly, trying to still the rocking world.

Then it calmed down.


Ryeowook had sat by the piano after Kyuhun's departure, knowing that the younger one probably wanted some peace.
There was obviously something wrong with the other, but Ryeowook didn't want to pry.
He knew that Kyuhun would only snarl at him to mind his own business.

He was just about to change the music cheet and practice something else when he heard a loud crash, followed by a small, agonized cry and thud.

In seconds, Ryeowook was up from his stool and standing in the corridor,
spotting Kyuhun's immobile form on the floor.

"Kyuhun!" He called out to the younger and quickly closed the distance between them,
kneeling down on the floor and shaking Kyuhunäs shoulder.
"Kyuhun, can you hear me?"

Ryeowook placed his hand on Kyuhun's forehead as he spotted the sheer layer of sweat that was covering his body.
"Oh shit.." Ryeowook muttered when he felt the other burning under his touch,
breathing shallow and shaky.
"You were this sick and just continued training, how long have you been sick for, you idiot!"
He rambled at the obviously unconscious man, slipping his arms under the younger to get him off the cold floor.

He managed to somehow get Kyuhun safely back into the practice room and lay him down on the couch, using his and Kyuhun's own jacket to cover the boy.
"stay there." Ryeowook whispered gently and made a run for the bathroom, returning moments later with hands full of moist paper towels.
He laid them gently on Kyuhun's forehead and fished his phone out from his pocket,
dialing their manager's number and waiting for the man to pick up.


The next day Kyuhun woke up to a soft feeling, yet he felt like suffocating.
His clothes were sticking to his skin and he tried to kick the covers off of him,
leg muscles screaming in protest at the sudden exertion.

"You should keep yourself warm." A voice said from above him as he was tucked back under the blanket.

"Teukie-hyung?" Kyuhun cracked one eye open and was met with their leader's warm gaze.

"Yeah, it's me. You were out cold for quite sometime. Care to tell me how long you had been sick for?" Leeteuk said gently and brushed the sticky bangs off of Kyuhun's forehead, earning a grumble from the younger.

"Not really." Kyuhun answered and closed his eyes, ashamed that he had made the others worry over him.

Leeteuk sighed and placed a cool towel on his forehead.

"You know you were out for 36 hours? Ryeowook has been worried sick and refused to leave your side, stating that it was his fault you fainted in the first place."

"What? No it..I had been sick for days already!"

"Days?" Leeteuk settled to sighing and throwing the maknae his 'umma-is-disappointed'-look.
"Why didn't you say anything?"

"Beause, there's a performance coming up and I've been missing out enough already.
And you were all working so hard that I felt that staying home because of a small fever would seem lazy and.."

"Small fever!" Leeteuk shrieked and flailed his arms
"You were burning, for Christs sake and your body had dried from the heat, it was not a small fever on any aspect."

Leeteuk took a deep breath and patted Kyuhuns hand gently before standing up.
"I'll go tell Ryeowook you're awake. He insisted on preparing food for you even when I tried to get him to get some sleep."

Kyuhun just nodded at his hyung, feeling ashamed when he saw the worry radiate from the elders eyes.

"Kyu~?" Ryeowook said quietly as he entered the room, shuffling closer to the bed.

Kyuhun blinked his eyes as he tried to open them. The light felt too bright, despite the curtain being pulled closed.

"How are you feeling?" Ryeowook asked gently as he sat on the edge of Kyuhun's bed, taking the towel from his forehead to rinse it with cold water.

"Much better....tired as hell though." He muttered and shivered when the cool cloth made contact with his skin again.

"Do you want something to eat?"

"No thanks.." Kyuhun coughed a bit and tried to sit up, getting tired of staying in the same position for too long.

"You're not going anywhere, you need rest." Ryeowook said sternly and gently pushed him down by the shoulder.

"You're one to talk, have you slept at all?"

Ryeowook ignored the question and busied himself with the medicines placed on top of Kyuhun's night-stand

"Here, take this."

Kyuhun opened his mouth obediently as Ryeowook held the spoon by his face,
brownish liquid that tasted like a week-old tea bag spread trough his mouth before he swallowed it, frowning at the after taste.
He gladly took the water Ryeowook offered him

"You should take a nap." Ryeowook said gently as he placed the now empty cup back on the table."

"You too."

"I'm going to go make some food for you, I bet you will be hungry when you wake up."

"No, you're going to bed. Teukie-hyung told me you have been staying up beside my bed during the time I was out of it."

"I got some sleep, I'm not the one sick here."
Ryeowook smiled gently and reached over to adjust Kyuhuns blanket, pulling all the way up to his chin.
"I should at least take care of you."

Kyuhun swatted Ryeowook's hands away and sat up abruptly, paying no attention to the slight sway in his vision.
"Don't blame yourself, I know you were. It's not your fault I'm sick, nor the fact that I hid it from all of you."

"But I should have noticed at during the practice, but I let it slide and didn't even ask if you were ok, I just let you continue and now you're..."

"Alive and breathing, despite the minor ache in my back. Look, it's really not your fault.
Besides, who knows what might have happened if you weren't there..."

Kuyuhun saw Ryeowooks eyes snap open and immediately regretted his choice of words.

"Ohmy.. What if I hadn't heard you falling, if I hadn't been... you could be."

"Wookie...Ryeowook.. Yah! Shut up Wook!" Kyuhun raised his voice at the ranting man, earning a glare for his disrespectful way of speaking.

"You know very well that if you had tried to pry it out of me, I would've just gotten mad and left you there."

"I know... " Ryeowook sighed and muttered something about stubborn people.
"But now you should get some sleep while I go and make you some soup."

"No, you're going to sleep too." Kyuhun crossed his arms across his chest, refusing to budge under Ryeowooks gentle push to get him to lie down.

"I can't, I have to go make some soup."

"I'm not hungry."

"You need to eat."

"I can order something or make Shindong cook ramen for me, but you need sleep too."

"Kyuhun, just let me do atleast this much to you..." Ryeowook said and tried to push the younger one to lie down again, but failing.

"Then take a nap with me if you want to help so badly." Kyuhun said smirking.


"Take a nap here with me, if you want to do something for me.
I won't be able to sleep if I know you're in the kitchen doing unnecessary things for me."

"It's not unnecessary... " Ryeowook mumbled and gently slapped Kyuhun on the shoulder
trying to stiffle the yawn.

"See. you're tired. Just come on, take a nap with me." Kyuhun lifted the covers and scooted over, leaving room for Ryeowook to lie down.

"And that will make you feel better?" Ryeowook looked back and forth between the bed and Kyuhun's face

Kyuhun only nodded and smiled a little, pleased to see the look of giving in settle in Ryeowooks eyes.

Ryeowook sighed and laid down, pulling the blanket on top of himself before turning to his side, facing Kyuhun.

"You do know that Teukie-hyung will kill us if we both are sick tomorrow."

"Like I care."


Soft laughter filled the room as they curled up on the narrow bed, both enjoying the calming feeling of shared bodyheat.

Sleep soon enveloped them, as their breathing fell even.

Few hours later, when Leeteuk opened the door he couldn't help the aaw that escaped from him as he watched the two lay in a tangled mess, leg's inter-wined and Kyuhun's arm wrapped aroud Kyuhun's torso, pulling the smaller male closer.
Smiling, he closed the door as quietly as possible, content that the two were finally resting.

First time writing KyuWook.
I had three different stories what to do with this, but this seemed to be the only idea I was able to work
Tags: fanfic, kyuhun, kyuwook, ryeowook, super junior
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