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SiHan ~ Valued

Pairing: SiHan
Genre: romance,fluff
Rating: PG


Siwon smiled when he felt a something press against his side.
A hand sneaked up his side and he turned around, wrapping his arms around the smaller frame, nuzzling his nose into the soft hair, still faintly smelling the shampoo from their last nights bathing.

Hangeng pressed even closer to him, slipping his leg over Siwon's,
mumbling something in sloppy Chinese that Siwon wasn't able to catch.

He smiled as he brushed the hair away from Hangen's face, pressing light kisses from
the older man's temple down to his jaw, leaving a fleeting kiss on the soft lips.

He glanced at the clock on the table and realized that it was still very early in the morning,
everyone else must've still been asleep.
Smiling to himself, he untangled himself from Hangeng, receiving a whine and searching hands as a response to the sudden loss of heat the Chinese man must've experienced.

Siwon leaned down and placed one more kiss to Hangeng's lips,
whispering that he'd back in a minute.
The only response he got to that was an unsatisfied grunt as Hangeng snuggled further into the pillows, shifting over to Siwon's place in order to maintain some of the heat the younger man had been giving him a moment ago.

Siwon smiled at the sight and quickly pulled a t-shirt on, tip-toeing his way out of the room.

Just as he had thought, the house was still quiet, Hangeng's parent's had already left for work and the rest of Super Junior M member's were still asleep in the living room, faint,even snoring and breathing the only evident sound as Siwon peeked in from the doorway.

He tried to be as quiet as possible while placing the foods on the tray, he didn't want to wake the other's up, especially on a day when they could sleep later than usual.

After the coffee finished brewing and he got it poured into the cups he made his way back upstairs, having minor difficulty with the tray on the way up, but somehow he managed to get there without tripping over.

He closed the door quietly and laid the tray down on the table.
Hangeng had cocooned himself inside the blanket and Siwon couldn't help the smirk that spread on his face at the sight.

Siwon loved waking Hangeng up, especially since he knew how to do it right, without angering the chinese man.
Hangeng smiled when he felt the blanket being lift off of him and the bed dipping, indicating to him that Siwon had returned.

He snuggled closer to the younger man, sighing in content that his living blanket returned.
His happiness of sleeping was ruined however when Siwon's hand dipped his head upwards and lips ghosted over his, butterfly kisses were placed on his face and neck and he couldn't help but to feel a bit more awake with every small touch and caress the younger man gave him.

Soon Hangeng was wide awake and tilted his head to capture Siwon's lips with his, their own little indication when he was awake.
The kiss began as sweet one, but Hangeng was feeling hungry.
Last night had been the first one they had gotten to spend in peace in ages and he wanted more of the man now half underneath him.

Hangeng lifted his leg over Siwon and slipped up, straddling Siwon, never breaking the contact he had with those sinfully soft lips.
Hangeng was sure that Siwon was a sinner, by being that hot, considerative and over-all perfect the man had to be breaking some rules of Christianity.

Few moments later, Hangeng pulled away, leaning heavily against Siwon's chest, weakened by the morning tiredness and Siwon's hands that were doing miracles on his flesh.

Siwon slided his hands up and down Hangeng's side once more before leaning up and giving Hangeng a quick peck on the lips

"Morning~" He said smiling and leaned back on his elbows, keeping his upper body in air.

"Morning.." Hangeng answered with as equally happy smile "What have I done to deserve such special treatment at this time of the morning?"

"Nothing. You're just you, amazing and forever the sun in my life."

"Wow,someones feeling sentimental."

Siwon just grinned and met Hangeng halfway, the kiss was short but sweeter than any of the others they had shared that morning,

"I brought us breakfast."

"I noticed"

"Could you get off for a second so I can go get it for us.?"

"Nah.I can take ii~t." Hangeng's last word was turned into a surprised squeal when Siwon suddenly yanked him down.

"I made it, so I serve it." Siwon said and placed the tray before Hangeng who was trying to act hurt.

His face broke into a smile when he found the heart shaped rice on his plate.
Siwon sat opposite of him and they ate while discussing things that had nothing to do with Suju, performing or entertainment industry alltogether.
They talked about everything else they could think of, laughter occasionally filling the small room that was reserved for Hangeng on his visits to home.

"It's still so early." Hangeng muttered when he glanced at the alarm clock.
Siwon turned to look at the man from where he was placing the tray on the table,
loving how Hangeng's too big pajama shirt had slipped down, revealing his shoulder.
But that's not what made his breath hitch.

"Oh! What a beautiful sunrise!" Hangeng suddenly exclaimed and scrambled up from the bed to stand infront of the window, opening the curtains wide to get a good view of the scenery.

Siwon walked behind the older man and encircled his hands around Hangeng, resting his chin on Hangeng's shoulder.

"That's a view forth waking up early for." Hangeng whispered and laid his hands on top of Siwon's, tracing patterns on them with his fingers.

"It is indeed." Siwon answered as he let his gaze sweep over the morning sky, the mist that was spreading into the morning air.

He couldn't help the aching feeling in his chest, he loved the man in his arms so much,
these kind of mornings when their lives seemed normal, private, without the worry of acting like an idol and being surveyed by cameras and fans were rare to them these days and Siwon had learned to value them even more.
Wishing for the day to come when they could spend each morning like this

Siwon kissed Hangeng's shoulder gently and they stayed like that until the sky began to brighten up.

it turned out as so short. O_O
surprising, forgive me the shortness, but my brain can't come up with any ideas
Tags: fanfic, hangeng, pairing: sihan, siwon, super junior
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