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Title: Cascade
Pairing: HeeTeuk / TeukChul
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Heechul was feeling the effects of falling into pleasure too great to control.

It was always like this, the same events unfolded in the exact same order.
But who was to blame? What can they do about it that, after the concert when adrenaline still ran trought their bodies and weeks worth of stress was released, they would seek something to divert the energy to?

Heechul could remember the first time it had happened.
They had come back to the dorm and everyone decided to hang out at the lower dorm,
alcohol had soon began to flow and their speeches got more and more blurred, laughter tenfolding as they closed the outside world away and were just themselves among their brothers.

Shindong and Eunhyuk were performing gags in the living room and Heechul seemed to be the only one to notice their leader slip quietly up from the floor and sneak his way to the front door.

He had gotten up and followed, in a whim of a moment.
Usually he would sent someone else, especially on nights like these, since he was sure that if Leeteuk was disappearing from the group it had to be something to cry about.
But recently Heechul had been feeling more sorry towards the man, and worry.
Last week he had seen Leeteuk stay up for two days in a row, which had resolved to him passing out in the hallway after Sukira.

Heechul cursed when he saw the elevator doors close before he could reach it.
There was no way he would go stumbling up the stairs so he decided to wait.
He leaned his forehead against the cooling metal door, willing for the dizziness to go away but it only seemed to increase.
Suddenly the elevator doors jingled open and he barely had time to grab a hold of the bar on the wall.
'Why did I even bother coming?' He thought as he glared at the number plate and punched the 12th, accidentally sending the elevator to go to five other floors as well.
He shrugged and tapped his foot anxiously as the elevator jolted upwards.

'Why must these darn things have numbers, why not fingerprint locks' He muttered when for the fifth time he missed a button when trying to enter the security code.
He had hoped for his head to clear up a bit, but the two shots he had taken before coming after Leeteuk seemed to make their presence into him only now.
'Yess!" He hissed when the door finally beeped and opened.

He almost stumbled to Leeteuk's shoes that were laying discarded right in front of the door.
Heechul kicked them aside as well as his own slippers.
The world seemed to make a twirl again and he leaned his hand to the wall, trying to stay upright. His way to Leeteuk's looked pretty much the same as his demeanors to get from the elevator to the apartment door, hands pressed against the wall as he took unsure steps.

Heechul let out a deep breath after making it successfully to the leader's room.
Not bothering to knock, he swung the door open, swaying a bit, and couldn't help but stare.
Heechul swallowed and felt his breath hitch at the unexpected, incredibly fascinating scene.
He had been expecting a crying, tantrum-teuk, not a messy,writhing, moaning and incredibly alluring sight of their leader on the bed, shirt heaved upwards as his hand traveled along the bare torso, mouth agape as the most beautiful sounds escaped past the wet lips.

Heechul didn't know whether to move or not.
His brain didn't respond in sync with his body, leaving him there standing by the doorway, hand clutched tightly on the doorknob as he tried to stay standing,
feeling a strange tingle in his stomach as he watched Leeteuk move his hand south,
finger's ghosting over the waistband of his pants.

Leeteuk chose to open his eyes at that moment and realized that light was flooding into the room.
He snapped his head quickly to the direction of the door, only to find a figure standing there, hand still holding the doorknob and attention fully focused on him.

They just stared at each other, neither moving or saying anything.
Until Leeteuk snapped out of it and turned to his side, grabbing a pillow and hiding his face in it,
mumbling apologies and half-assed explanations to Heechul.

"I'm so sorry..this is a shameful act of me.. Just give me a second and I'll come back downstairs with you guys..." Heechul heard the pillow mumble and he finally regained his sense.

Stepping inside he closed the door and saw Leeteuk's form relax a bit, probably thinking that he was left alone.
Heechul then stepped closer to the bed and knelt down just as Leeteuk allowed the pillow to slip from his grasp.

"So, this is what you do after we get back? No wonder you were unfound sometimes." He smirked at the shocked look on Leeteuk's face

'He is so not gonna let me live this down...Shit!' Leeteuk felt his cheeks burn even more, both from embarrassment and lust.
His hard-on was still very prominent and he couldn't help but fidget a bit, trying to get into a position where it wouldn't bother him so much.

That proved out to be a false move, as his legs ended up causing friction against his cock and he couldn't stop the moan from escaping his mouth.

"Oh god..I'm sorry..." He yelped and covered his face with his hands, or tried, when two hands covered his own and pulled them down, bringing him face to face with his dongsaeng.

Heechul opened and closed his mouth, obviously searching for words to say.
The older man waited patiently, ready for a scolding or to be made fun of..anything..this is Heechul were talking about here so everything was to be expected.

But the kiss was something he would have bet on.
Leeteuk was in too much of a shock to respond at first but when Heechul bit down on his lip he couldn't help gasping, allowing the younger man to slip his tongue in.

It was only when Heechul climbed on top of him that he realized what had happened.
He tried to push against the younger man and managed to break the lip-lock by turning his head to the side.

"He- Heechul" He managed to breath out despite the delightful ministrations going on his neck.
"Stop.. Chul.. Listen..we really shouldn't"

Heechul allowed himself to be pushed up, staring down at their flushed leader who refused to meet his gaze.
He couldn't help but swallow at the sight of the collarbones that peeked out from the shirt,
chest rising and falling in deep, shivering breaths.

"Really..You want me to stop?" He asked as innocently as a fox left to guard the henhouse.

Leeteuk allowed his hands to slide down from Heechul shoulder's, still avoiding the other's gaze.
His body was practically screaming with want and the feel of Heechul sitting on his torso did not bring any relief. He had been able to stop earlier, but this time he was sure that even one look at the dark orbs glistening above him would throw his resolution out the window.

Heechul smirked down at their leader and slowly slipped his hand behind his back,
sliding it over Leeteuk's prominent erection, making the older gasp in surprise.

He began palming over the bulge, setting a painfully slow speed to his actions.
"So.. you want me to stop?" he whispered huskily, loving how the lights glowing outside illuminated Leeteuk's face, making the other unable to hide his arouse.

Heechul leaned his face closer to Leeteuk, loving the way he made the leader's body tremble as he tried to fight against Heechul, trying to push him away.
With his free hand he cupped Leeteuk's cheek and made the other look at him, their faces mere centimeters apart.
His breaths mingled with Leeteuk's rabid one's, eyes meeting the darkened, hasty look.
"Tell me what you want me to do."

Leeteuk's answer was obvious as he yanked Heechul down by the neck, bringing their mouths together in a hungry kiss.

Heechul smirked at the desperation he tasted on the elders lips, wishing to the world that he'd have enough patience to continue his teasing, but the tension, alcohol and Leeteuk combined made his blood rush too fast for him to remain in control anymore.

He felt Leeteuk tug his shirt upwards, hands that teasingly brushed his skin were soon followed by a warm, teasing tongue, circling around his nipples and teeth grazing the nubs ever so teasingly.

Heechul tugged Leeteuk's face up in a hasty manner, their lips locking once again as he moved backwards a bit, settling on Leeteuk's crotch and grinding down, his own moans mixing with the leader's as they were losing into the desire.
Somewhere along the way Leeteuk had lost his shirt too and Heechul couldn't help but smirk a little at Leeteuk's attempts to open his zipper while ravishing the younger's neck.

As the pants finally came off with a bit of assistment from Heechul they ended up in reversed position and from there on it was all roaming hands and gentle bites.

Heechul could feel his throat go sore from the booze and harsh breaths.
The air was getting thick, his skin was covered in sweat and he could feel his hair sticking to his skin, but that didn't matter, not when he heard those delightful sounds coming from their leader's throat, or when he felt the shivers rock his body as Leeteuk gave him his all, touching and caressing each spot with utmost care.

For Heechul, it felt like too much, he hated to know that, when Leeteuk did those oh-so-fine moves against him, tongue and teeth treating him like no-one else had before, the leader was ignoring his own pleasure to give Heechul satisfaction.
And Kim Heechul did not settle on just being done, it was bad sex-etiquette for him to leave his partner hanging.

So when he felt Leeteuk tighten the grip on his cock, pace increasing, he grabbed Leeteuk's face with one hand, the other still tightly gripped the bed-sheets as waves of uncontrollable pleasure ran trough him, making his body a shaking mess.

"Teukie.." He breathed out and met their leader's unfocused gaze, knowing that his own eyes must have been as dark and glassy.
He leaned closer and brushed his lips against the swollen red-ones, tasting copper when their tongues met.
"I want to ride you." He said huskily and forced his other hand to untangle from the sheets and stop Leeteuk from pumping him.

Leeteuk complied silently, lips locked with Heechul as he allowed the younger to switch their positions, Heechul was now once again on top of him, straddling his hips and he lost his breath because of the delicious sight before him, unconciously licking his lips as he slid his hands up Heechul's sides.

Heechul smiled at him playfully, leaning back and stabilizing himself against his arm, resting it against Leeteuk's knee.
"Watch and enjoy." Heechul breathed out and brought his hand to his lips, slowly sliding one finger into his own mouth.

Leeteuk could only stare and swallow at the dryness that suddenly came to his mouth,
he wanted so badly to touch Heechul right then, when he watched the finger slip teasingly in and out of that sinful mouth, imagining something else to replace that finger.
He felt a sharp jolt rake trough his body at the thought and his finger's itched to touch.

His attempts to reach over and kiss the man again were stopped however and Heechul pulled the finger out with a sounding pop, enjoying the look of pure concentration on Leeteuk's face.

Leeteuk followed as Heechul slid the finger down his throat, along his collarbones and down the chest, leaving a faintly glistening trail behind.

As Heechul leaned his head back and let the hand continue down, Leeteuk flushed at the realization of what Heechul was about to do.
Even if he felt it slightly weird, he couldn't stop himself from looking as Heechul slipped the finger past the ring of muscles, faint cry escaping from the depths of his throat.

Leeteuk felt the shivering against him as Heechul moved the finger in and out, slowly, every now and then throwing a teasing look at Leeteuk who could just stare, defiantly enjoying the show before him.

As Heechul's pace fastened and breathing quickened once again, Leeteuk found himself on the edge of his patience and jerked his hand forward, positioning his own hand next to Heechul's and before the other man had time to question him, he pushed his own finger in, raw and fast, feeling how the muscles fought in order to keep the intrusion away.

Heechul let out a delighted moan, even if the dry finger made his hole sting a little, the pain only added to the sensations he was feeling at the moment.
Then there was a particularly fast movement from Leeteuk and he could feel something weird pass trough his body, an in-explainable pleasure that made him scream with no restraint.

He had to remove his own hand and lean it against Leeteuk's other leg, trying to keep upright as Leeteuk continued to assault his behind.

The older man, seeing the chance, quickly inserted the third finger, receiving a satisfied groan from Heechul.

"I-it's enough." Heechul breathed out, chest rising and falling in time with the heavy breaths.
"I want you, now." He slipped his hand up and down Leeteuk's torso, grinding his ass backwards, against Leeteuk's erection.
"I want this inside of me."

Leeteuk couldn't even response as he quietly pulled out a bottle from somewhere under the pillow, ignoring Heechul's knowing smirk.

Soon slick fingers worked their way around him, deliberate pumps bringing him closer to the peak.
He could only admire the way Heechul looked right then, hair slightly damp and plastered to his neck, cheeks flushed. The way he bit his lip while taking him in, muscles clamping against
his cock.

Leeteuk couldn't help the grin that spread to his face when Heechul finally had him all the way in, pleasure radiating over the pain his face had harboured a moment ago.

Heechul rolled his hips experimentally, earning a surprised groan from the older man.
He laid his hands on Leeteuk's stomach, palms flat against the silky skin, finger's ghosting and scarping ever so-softly over the muscle outlines.

They both moaned at the friction when Heechul pulled himself up and back down,
pace slow at first to give himself more time to adjust to the movements.

Leeteuk grabbed hard on Heechul's hips, nails digging into the skin, leaving as equally angry marks as Heechul had on his stomach.

Leeteuk wished he could have a picture taken of the younger right then,
he had never seen anything more beautiful and somehow he felt a bit possessive,
wanting to mark that skin as his, demand the other to himself.

So he leaped forward, biting into the milky skin, earning a shuddering gasp from the other.

Heechul felt his stomach tighten and his hand blindly searched for something to hold onto.
Finding solace in Leeteuk's hair, he held it tightly, fisting the locks of hair between his fingers.

Leeteuk noticed the haste that vibrated his dongsaengs movements and took the hint,
feeling himself close to the egde too.

Finger's curled around Heechul's shaft and he timed his pumps so that he moved in time with Heechul.

Heechul groaned and tightened the hold on his hair.
He knew he'd have a sore skin in the morning, but right then he could care less if all of his hair was pulled out.
The shuddering in Heechul's breath increased as his breathing shallowed even more.

Leeteuk admired the sight of Heechul tossing his head back, mouth open in a feline cry as his seed spilled on them, on Leeteuk's hand and both their bodies.

Heechul could feel his body turn into mush, but he didn't leave his jobs unfinished,
lifting himself a few more times, making sure the anger was right, he enjoyed the feeling of Leeteuk's release filling him.

They had slumped against each other in a sloppy kiss, legs tangled as they lay down,
breath hitching and throats sore.


Heechul woke up from his dream, mind processing that last night had been yet another one added to the list that had grown ever since then.
Though they never speaked about it, but they would surely end up in the same bed, sometimes to just sleep and relish on each other's warmth, but no thoughts were exchanged, it just happened.

Heechul cracked one eye open and smiled at the warmth that enveloped him, sliding his hand up the arm draped over him.
He tilted his face upwards and planted a soft kiss on Leeteuk's jaw, hand resting on their leader's shoulder.

These mornings when they had time to lay down after nightly activities were rare, but valued.
Heechul snuggled closer to the warmth and couldn't help but wonder how many nights would still come?
The events that had cascaded ever since that night hadn't developed much, at least not towards anything more serious.
Though he was usually the one to prevent it, being too afraid of it affecting their chemistry as band-mates. Occasional good-buddy fuck was allowed in his books, but something more meant something, not just a drunken, or more often, sober night spend together.

He felt his throat tighten again.
He didn't like it when he was taken by the flow, but this time, no matter how much he fought against it, he was pulled along, sinking more into the abyss.

The arm around him tightened and his shivering stopped, smile spreading on his face when a soft kiss was planted on his head.
He nuzzled closer to the delicious neck before him and kissed it tenderly, tightening his own arm as well, bringing them as closer as humanly possible.

Maybe... He thought when sleep began invading his mind again, two steady heartbeats lulling him into the peaceful rhythm.
If this is how things will go forward maybe I can. Maybe I really can let go of the fragile strings I'm holding onto and allow the cascade to take me...'Cos I know, you'll be there to catch me.

I'm so sorry.
This is so not good.. .Why do I even insist on writing smut when I know it will just end up seeming awkward... _m_(_ _)_m_
The ending sucked, but I'm too tired to come up with anything proper right now.
I'm sorry if there are any mistakes, I tried to fix it, but my eyes are getting criss-crossed :'D

Comments (bad or good) are appreciated ^^
This was supposed to have a plot, but it escaped somewhere along the line :)
Tags: fanfic, heechul, leeteuk, pairing: teukchul, super junior
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