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Too many things to do!
.. I haven't had an y time for writing for like...five-four days?! I'm going crazy.. tomorrow I'll sit by this freaking machine and write, no matter what anyone else tells me!

Ok, I had time to write a bit, but I promised myself not to update anything until I finish my friends birthday

And what's up with smiling?
For the whole day, I have been feeling very..smiley~ ...and it's freaking scary, that's like the..second time this week.. I'm usually never smiley, cracking up, yes. laughing randomly/trough out the day, yes. Smiling for no reason for the whole day?,never.

So yeah..I guess I had some point in my mind as if to why I was writing this but it has so left my mind..

Oh well, better go sleep, don't wanna be late for school again.. x)
Tags: rambling
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