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Rambling,rambling, waiting for the magic spell....

Haa~ah... So cold! Must be getting the flu again.. please I just got rid of it!! I don't wanna be sick.. it's boring :'D

Such a ballad filled mood.. tsk... must be a melancholy evening.. but hey, good music + tea + candle light..(all my light bulbs burned down from the living room..) what else do you need when the sky is dark, dark blue and rain is falling down? (Rain is coming down~)
Ah, a blanket of course (^_^)

I got home from work three hours ago and opened wordpad in order to finish a birthday fic for a friend, but for three hours I've been waiting for the mood.. had something interesting again and then I found myself fan-girling over everything... I really must be getting sick :'D

But if I'm sick it means I can skip tomorrows piano lesson,right.
I love going there, but it's just I had no time to practice the piece and I'm just not in the mood to go ruin my teacher's mood :'D (Walking in the air <3)

ok, maybe I'll just go write something useful now.. like the fic that was supposed to be ready three days ago.. *whistling*
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