I NEED YOU, yes, excactly You! *points finger*

So, I had this list of words where we draw pairings for with a friend of mine, and I thought of posting this here, so that if by any chance someone had interest in reading it trough,
I'd love to get a suggestion on what topic to write next, since I tend to write all of them at the same time, not knowing which one to update and... yeah, I can't decide the topics x'D

I have a plot ready for all of them, but, in case there's a specific genre,idea,thingy that you'd like to see in the fic, let me know ;D

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I was going to update today

I was going to update my fics today + let loose my fangirling side,
but somehow, I don't feel like doing it, since the conflict between the Korea's is shadowing my mind.. I think I'll respect that voice for tonight and get back on track tomorrow..

For tonight...

Eventhough I'm not religious, tonight I'll join on the silent prayers and hope that everything will turn out well.

Let's forget the power for once and think of the people instead,
enough lives have been ruined during history, no need for repeating.
Isn't it better to take a step back and learn from the previous mistakes?
I wish strength for all who suffered already..

Hopefully the lingering cloud will go away...
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Rambling,rambling, waiting for the magic spell....

Haa~ah... So cold! Must be getting the flu again.. please I just got rid of it!! I don't wanna be sick.. it's boring :'D

Such a ballad filled mood.. tsk... must be a melancholy evening.. but hey, good music + tea + candle light..(all my light bulbs burned down from the living room..) what else do you need when the sky is dark, dark blue and rain is falling down? (Rain is coming down~)
Ah, a blanket of course (^_^)

I got home from work three hours ago and opened wordpad in order to finish a birthday fic for a friend, but for three hours I've been waiting for the mood.. had something interesting again and then I found myself fan-girling over everything... I really must be getting sick :'D

But if I'm sick it means I can skip tomorrows piano lesson,right.
I love going there, but it's just I had no time to practice the piece and I'm just not in the mood to go ruin my teacher's mood :'D (Walking in the air <3)

ok, maybe I'll just go write something useful now.. like the fic that was supposed to be ready three days ago.. *whistling*
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